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Tue Apr 3 02:09:59 EDT 2007

On 4/2/07, Bill Smith <hbco2 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> First of all, from what can be heard, the group isn't large, in spite of
> what they would like it to be.  It would appear there are 1 or 2 stations
> with others that follow on.  The offenders apparently run a tremendous
> amount of power.  They are also apparently unusually if not oddly committed,
> as they can be found there 365 days a year.
> Second of all, they have taken the belated courtesy of moving at least
> slightly off frequency (perhaps 1kHz) during the AMI net.   At calmer
> moments they move off the frequency altogether.  That should give you and
> other AM operators the opportunity to check in.  It would be very welcome if
> you would operate AM on the AM calling frequency before they get started to
> remind them that they have moved in on a very active AM frequency, or
> suggest to them that they really are interfering.  I am, however, afraid any
> attempt at the latter would only reinforce their intent.
> I understand 3870 has been a popular AM frequency for approximately 25
> years, well before the SSB guys in TX took up their roost.  I know they were
> not active when I first participated in AM fifteen years ago.  In any event
> 3870 is currently identified by the ARRL as the West Coast AM call in
> frequency.  It would be a pleasure to think they would be gentlemen enough
> to find a meeting place outside the AM window.


I guess I don't get it.  First of all, what does any of this have to
do with the original topic posted?

Second, what would you have us "5 landers" do?  Fight your battles for
you guys in 6 Land?  This SSB group is a lot bigger than the 2 or 3
you suggest, and I for one am not going to lay a carrier on them just
because I can!

What exactly are you asking or suggesting "us 5 landers" do for you?
There are groups of 6 and 7 landers that get in between 3880 and 3890
daily on SSB.  Do you think we would suggest you "6 landers" just take
care of that for us?

Maybe I'm missing the big point here...


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