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Peter Markavage manualman at juno.com
Tue Apr 3 02:00:17 EDT 2007

Under Rules, it says: This is radio site dedicated to AM. The reason most
come here is to meet and exchange information about our mode and hobby."
Obviously, their is no requirement to have a amateur license since many
short wave listeners and general radio/electronic experimenters are also
interested in AM and in some of our technical discussions. The technical
discussion threads can vary all over the place.

Although I can't place the person you referred to below, it could be he's
been a long time friend to many who responded to his posts. Could be any
number of reasons.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Mon, 2 Apr 2007 21:37:20 -0500 "Jim Wilhite" <w5jo at brightok.net>
> Good question Bill.  I don't see many from the West coast 
> participating even though there are several members out 
> there.
> I don't believe anyone sets the border, as you put it, but 
> most posts from anywhere outside of the group is mostly 
> ignored.  Technical questions have limited participation if 
> they originate from anywhere South of Virginia.
> There was a member of that board who did not have a license 
> that posted for quite a while.  He was a friend  of someone 
> back in the area in question and had moved to California. 
> First question, what is a guy with no license doing posting 
> on a ham board?  Second question why would the majority of 
> posting members respond to even his personal posts when they 
> barely will answer anything most of us South of Virginia and 
> West of the Mississippi put up?
> Jim
> W5JO

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