[AMRadio] West Coast Activity?

Bob Macklin macklinbob at msn.com
Tue Apr 3 11:01:44 EDT 2007

How about a change of subject?

I live just south of Seattle. I live in a 4th floor senior apartment and only have a 40M antenna running around the wall near the ceiling. My penelty for not having a decent retirement plan.

But when I moved into this pace in 2003 I could copy several of the NW AM group on 3870. But as the Solar Cycle has progressed they have dropped down into the noise. They operate between about 4:30PM and 6PM Pacific time most afternoons. I am told the intentionally quit before the band goes long.

BUt I do receive the West Coast RTTY net at 8PM very vell most of the time. This is on about 3590. I have copied stations in BC and Calif.

But evening AM activity has been ZIP!

When I first moved here I could also copy the Calif. AM group on 14,286 about 4PM. Now what I hear there is SSB. Maybe they were driven away.

I was also told to check 7290 around noon on weekends. I have done this with no luck.

I am at the point of not knowing if the problem is tha solar cycle or just a lack of activity.

On contest days I hear all kinds of activity. So my antenna while not really good, is not totally bad.

And on my SX-110 I can hear the South American SW stations very nicely!

Bob Macklin
Near Seattle, Wa

"Real Radios Glow In The Dark"

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