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Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 12:04:51 EDT 2007

Well Jim, I appreciate your position and opinions in the matter, I'm
just sorry you think that starting or moving to yet another board is
the best recourse. I know there are some nitwits in the northeast and
it probably seems like the northeast/east coast guys think they rule
the roost. On the contrary, it seems pretty obvious to me that this
group is only more active, therefore higher profile, more people, etc.
More people = more idiots heard from, even if only a small percentage.
Voices carry as they say, much further over the air.

I've always seen your posts as helpful, informative, and viewed you as
just another one of the guys in the group. And trust me - I'd call you
on the air more if signals would allow. I bet a lot of the guys don't
hear you well or at all, considering the noise in the AM ghetto. Two
in particular live only a few miles apart, and crank their RF gain
down to get rid of the SSB noise. Which is why I think, regardless of
anything else, that staying right around 2-3 set frequencies is the
worst thing we can do. It invites trouble, makes us a target, and
paints a bad picture for others while making it unpleasant for us.

As an aside, I did a quick check of the board after my lengthy rant on
here. I saw posts today from California, Wisconsin, Virginia, Maine,
VT (big surprise), Maryland, Tennessee, NY, South Dakota, CT, and
others I surely missed. I really don't see it as non-inclusive or
unwelcoming, more than different people have different styles, and you
just need to jump in and not be thin-skinned. You've made over 1000
posts there. Why do you now feel like you're not part of the bigger
picture? Am I one of the bad guys since I didn't respond to your post?
I hope not.

For those who are sick of Deerfield talk, I offer this: Deerfield is
to us what Belton is to you, or Gaithersburg was to the guys in 3
Land, and so on. It's a bigger deal now because we're returning to our
roots after 15 years away. Hopefully folks too far away to attend will
understand this and be happy to see so much interest in amateur radio
in general, and AM in particular. I've been to Hamcation in Orlando,
and hope to make all the big 'fests someday. I'm just glad someone
still bothers!

Whatever you decide, I hope you'll still join in with the group on
amfone. There are many who don't agree with what the few do, and we
don't let them ruin our fun. This is true anywhere, with any group. I
think if more folks go off the internet and back on the air, the
activity would follow the good operators. It did for a while when the
phone privileges were expanded.

~ Todd  KA1KAQ

On 4/3/07, Jim Wilhite <w5jo at brightok.net> wrote:
> Todd, you are one of the guys, like Pete who made me feel
> comfortable on AM Fone.  You are one of the guys, along with

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