[AMRadio] West Coast Activity?

Craig K6QI k6qi at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 3 12:34:40 EDT 2007

Hi All,

West Coast used to be on 3870. I think they still are,
I got promoted about 5 years ago and now work
evenings, so I don't get on much. For the AMI net
listen around 19:00 to 20:00 Pacific on Wednesday. You
should hear something. Skip, K6YRZ, who was a backup
control, says there are lots of folks there still.
Check it out, if control can't hear you, somebody will
relay you in. Lots of NW AM'ers and a Canadian or two
check in. While I'm on my self imposed hiatus I've
been restoring my BA's, but I do hear some activity on
40 and 20 on the weekends. Nothing on 10 at the
moment. Anybody still doing the coast to coast late
night 40 meter stuff? The band seems to go long enough
when I listen when I get home around 01:00 AM Pacific.

--- "Todd, KA1KAQ" <ka1kaq at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 4/3/07, Bob Macklin <macklinbob at msn.com> wrote:
> > One of my problems is not knowing where or when to
> look. The other is I am
> > not one to call CQ unless I know I have a receiver
> that is working.
> Geographic location has a lot to do with it, but
> what works back this
> way for a starting point on 80 is:
> 3650-3750, 3825, 3870-3890
> On 160: 1885, 1890, 1925, 1945, 1985
> Perhaps Brett or someone else can comment more on
> 40m.
> But the base rule is, any open frequency is fair
> game (aside from
> areas like the DX Window). The biggest reason we
> have problems today
> is related to trying to follow an old agreement that
> only AMers seemed
> to respect. Restricting ourselves to some small
> sliver of band where
> we have to compete in nightly hand-to-hand combat to
> carry on a QSO is
> pointless and no doubt discourages many from
> participating.
> We have a group of folks up in Canada who are on
> regularly, 3720, 3725
> or there abouts. I bet you have some just north of
> you as well.
> > And I am working on an improved antenna that
> probably won't be ready until
> > summer. Limited funds!
> In which case you do what you can with what you've
> got. It might not
> be the best, but it's better than nothing. (o:
> ~ Todd,  KA1KAQ
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73 Craig K6QI

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