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The AM group on 3870 is there just about every afternoon & early evening. I
check in a couple days each week. Yes, I believe signals have been down
these last few months. But, taking in consideration the time of day the AM
group gets on the air, my QTH is on the southern fringe of propagation. At
times I just have to wait until the band lengthens so the station running
low power can be heard. The 5 land SSB stations enter into the picture
somewhere about 4:30-5PM. With a little patience, the band lengthens and 5
land fades away. Doesn't hurt to run a strapping station, this is 75 meters
after all.

Your location puts you in the heart of the majority of the AM ops in the
pacific northwest. Could your receiver need some attention?

As far as the 40 meter band, 7290, I've called CQ until I was blue in the
face. No one out there! After moving here to the suburbs of the "People's
Republic of Eugene", otherwise referred to as Springfield, I put up a 40
meter dipole and thought the left coast would be like the east coast. Wrong
again, for three months I called CQ every day and felt my receiver was
broke. Just had to put up a 75 meter antenna to get an AM fix. The best I
could do on 40 was one or two QSO's with AB7YD, Bruce, in Seattle per month
and haven't heard him on 40 since last year. My thoughts once again, 40
meters was the band for lower power rigs, but no one seems to use 40 meters
in the pacific northwest. Although, I do hear a heterodyne if I turn on my
BFO at 7293, think it is from 6 land.



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How about a change of subject?

I live just south of Seattle. I live in a 4th floor senior apartment and
only have a 40M antenna running around the wall near the ceiling. My penelty
for not having a decent retirement plan.

But when I moved into this pace in 2003 I could copy several of the NW AM
group on 3870. But as the Solar Cycle has progressed they have dropped down
into the noise. They operate between about 4:30PM and 6PM Pacific time most
afternoons. I am told the intentionally quit before the band goes long.

BUt I do receive the West Coast RTTY net at 8PM very vell most of the time.
This is on about 3590. I have copied stations in BC and Calif.

But evening AM activity has been ZIP!

When I first moved here I could also copy the Calif. AM group on 14,286
about 4PM. Now what I hear there is SSB. Maybe they were driven away.

I was also told to check 7290 around noon on weekends. I have done this with
no luck.

I am at the point of not knowing if the problem is tha solar cycle or just a
lack of activity.

On contest days I hear all kinds of activity. So my antenna while not really
good, is not totally bad.

And on my SX-110 I can hear the South American SW stations very nicely!

Bob Macklin
Near Seattle, Wa

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