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Tue Apr 3 12:43:41 EDT 2007

On 4/3/07, Todd, KA1KAQ <ka1kaq at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well Jim, I appreciate your position and opinions in the matter, I'm
> just sorry you think that starting or moving to yet another board is
> the best recourse. I know there are some nitwits in the northeast and

I'll say this again.  I think the problem lies in the fact there are
very few people in this area active on amfone.net.  In the QSO forum,
there is a lot of chit chat of "locals" who relate to one another
because they know each other from local hamfests, QSO's on the air,

I think the real solution would be to somehow entice hams from the
areas not covered so well currently on amfone.net to join up and
become a "part of the family".  Feeling like the "red headed step
child" is not good regardless if it's one person or many.

I think Todd has a real point about too many choose to use the
internet instead of getting on the damned air!  Not only has the
internet hurt hamfests in a big way, I also think it has put a real
damper on people actually wanting to fire up their rigs and actually

Maybe I should close down AMRadio for a few months and see what happens!

I am as guilty as anyone, as I spend way too much time in front of a
CRT, but it's also my job as a programmer.

I will say this too; I am not a one mode man.  Some of us think it's
AM or nothing, and that's fine, but what I do have a problem with are
a handful of AM'ers right here in my neck of the woods who chatter
about me or someone else they "consider" an AM'er to be found
somewhere talking on SSB.  That is the sort of petty crap that that we
can do without in ham radio.

Also, there are a lot of folks out there who would love to operate AM,
however they have been made to feel less than dirt because they tried
operating with their rice box.  I've heard it happen, and I don't like
it.  Are we AM'ers, or boatanchor operators?  Seems there is this idea
that if you operate AM, you have got to use something made before you
were born.  I have both old and new stuff myself, and I will operate
AM with either.  I think AM would be a lot more popular if we welcomed
the use of appliance rigs along with everything else.  Why not?

Well, I'm getting off track here, but this whole thing has to do with
attitude, and I think we should all think about what we say, don't
say, and how we treat others in general.  Just because there are a lot
of rednecks and kooks on 75 meters does not mean we have to follow
their antics.

One last comment about the AM nets in the 3880 to 3890 region; I know
some of you on this list belong to a couple of these nets.  PLEASE
zero beat your NCS and spread the word too!!  Having a net on 3885
where folks are everywhere from 3881 to 3888 checking in, basically
eliminates the possibility for others who wish to operate in that
little window from doing so ...it's just good operating practice.


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