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Tue Apr 3 12:51:08 EDT 2007

On 4/3/07, D. Chester <k4kyv at charter.net> wrote:
> Now, there is a contingent of rabid, anti-AM, Extra class operators in
> 5-land, many from the Houston area, who just fire right up on top of any
> existing AM QSO they choose, and then proceed to gripe about the AM QRM.  I
> call them a dead-air group, because one of their tactics is to simply
> monitor the frequency and not transmit, for periods ranging anywhere from 20
> minutes to an hour or more, but just the instant that someone outside their
> little "group" fires up near the frequency, especially if that person is on
> AM, the frequency is suddenly "in use".  I have monitored their
> conversations a few times (little else to do, since I don't hear much, if
> any, AM in that part of the band) and heard them conspiring to send a
> massive number of complaints to Riley about the "deliberate interference"
> and "splatter" from the AM'ers.  I have never heard anything from the FCC on
> this, but remember what happened when the "No-Traffic" net conspired to send
> in complaints about Ashtabula Bill on 7290 kc/s.

Get a video camera and video/audio your rx for 30 minutes with you in
the room and get it recorded Don!  There are some 4 landers on 3725
(W5RED is one of them) that do the same thing.  Next time I ask if the
freq. is in use after listening for 20 minutes and he comes on and
says "Ohhhh YES, it is", I'm going to do just that, send it to Riley
If we don't start to do something about it, there is no need us
griping about them either.

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