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Stevan A. White w5saw at pathwayz.com
Tue Apr 3 13:00:20 EDT 2007

I'm not one to intentionally stir up strife so I will only say that I 
have to go along with Jim on this issue.  I have been a broadcast 
engineer for twenty-some years with more AM experience than many of my 
broadcast peers.  I love radio.  That's why this is my hobby AND my 
vocation.  For some silly reason I feel that occasionally I have 
something to offer here.  Like Jim, I have posted viable comments and 
been belittled, ignored and once or twice thanked off-list.  When I saw 
Jim's suggestion about the other forum, I checked into it and signed up.

I have only recently picked up AM boat anchor gear which I am working on 
to get on the air.  I have had several exchanges with Jim which have 
been very helpful not to mention cordial.  My only regret is that I have 
a lot of "real" work going on right now and not as much time to play as 
I'd like.  I'm chomping at the bit to get on AM!  Some of this makes me 
wonder why.   I try never to be rude on the air; but, from this list I 
know who I'll more readily answer when I do get on.  Come on folks, 
let's all grow up.  Be gentlemen here and on the air.  Its never too 
late to do the right thing.

Steve White, W5SAW

Jim Wilhite wrote:
> To you Pete and all, I posted Ted's site as a viable alternative to AM 
> Fone.  On Ted's site, you will receive a respectful answer to any post 
> made.  My comments were not intended to implicate or indite a 
> particular person or group.  It was mentioned so if anyone West of the 
> Mississippi would like an alternative, it is available.
> The person to which I referred made several snide remarks to technical 
> posts I made rather than be inclusive and disagree in a respectful 
> manner.  In fact his comments is what first made me uneasy with the 
> direction of the board to becoming more regionalized.  You, however, 
> have always be respectful to all who post there.  This despite the 
> fact that I have seen several really take you to task over your 
> support of the ARRL.  You have also responded to inquiries I have made 
> in in the past.  I suppose the difference may be that you were (are) 
> in the manual business and recognize the value of respect for your 
> peers, whereas some over there do not have the benefit of trying to 
> please most people.
> Jim
> W5JO
>> Under Rules, it says: This is radio site dedicated to AM. The reason 
>> most
>> come here is to meet and exchange information about our mode and hobby."
>> Obviously, their is no requirement to have a amateur license since many
>> short wave listeners and general radio/electronic experimenters are also
>> interested in AM and in some of our technical discussions. The technical
>> discussion threads can vary all over the place.
>> Although I can't place the person you referred to below, it could be 
>> he's
>> been a long time friend to many who responded to his posts. Could be any
>> number of reasons.
>> Pete, wa2cwa
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