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Peter Markavage manualman at juno.com
Tue Apr 3 12:55:46 EDT 2007

When a reflector has less than 100 members, it's sometimes a lot easier
to get responses to each of your posts. As the reflector grows, it can
become more difficult to expect to get a response to each response you
make. I'm sure if I went and reviewed all my posts made over the last
year, I'm willing to bet there are probably hundreds of them where I made
a response and then there were no subsequent posts to support, refute,
laugh at, etc. what I said. I don't take it personality and definitely
don't let it bother me. I learned long ago that getting aggravated,
pissed, etc. over things I can't control was not a healthy exercise. And,
more importantly, I never let someone's "taking me to task" over any post
bother me personality. Sometimes there are valid arguments and
discussion, and sometimes there aren't. And, I agree, that snide remarks
whether done in fun or self-gratification (and sometimes difficult to
determine by the moderators unless they know the history of the poster)
to a particular post sometimes will undermine the entire tone of the rest
of the posting. Part of a moderators job is to weed these out if

Anyway, we've probably spent more time here than necessary for this
discussion. Bottom line is that we're all free to go and do wherever our
typing fingers take us.
See you on the radio
Pete, wa2cwa

On Tue, 3 Apr 2007 08:42:55 -0500 "Jim Wilhite" <w5jo at brightok.net>
> To you Pete and all, I posted Ted's site as a viable 
> alternative to AM Fone.  On Ted's site, you will receive a 
> respectful answer to any post made.  My comments were not 
> intended to implicate or indite a particular person or 
> group.  It was mentioned so if anyone West of the 
> Mississippi would like an alternative, it is available.
> The person to which I referred made several snide remarks to 
> technical posts I made rather than be inclusive and disagree 
> in a respectful manner.  In fact his comments is what first 
> made me uneasy with the direction of the board to becoming 
> more regionalized.  You, however, have always be respectful 
> to all who post there.  This despite the fact that I have 
> seen several really take you to task over your support of 
> the ARRL.  You have also responded to inquiries I have made 
> in in the past.  I suppose the difference may be that you 
> were (are) in the manual business and recognize the value of 
> respect for your peers, whereas some over there do not have 
> the benefit of trying to please most people.
> Jim
> W5JO

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