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> On 4/2/07, Bill Smith <hbco2 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> > First of all, from what can be heard, the group isn't large, in spite of
> > what they would like it to be.  It would appear there are 1 or 2
> > with others that follow on.  The offenders apparently run a tremendous
> > amount of power.  They are also apparently unusually if not oddly
> > as they can be found there 365 days a year.
> >
> > Second of all, they have taken the belated courtesy of moving at least
> > slightly off frequency (perhaps 1kHz) during the AMI net.   At calmer
> > moments they move off the frequency altogether.  That should give you
> > other AM operators the opportunity to check in.  It would be very
welcome if
> > you would operate AM on the AM calling frequency before they get started
> > remind them that they have moved in on a very active AM frequency, or
> > suggest to them that they really are interfering.  I am, however, afraid
> > attempt at the latter would only reinforce their intent.
> >
> > I understand 3870 has been a popular AM frequency for approximately 25
> > years, well before the SSB guys in TX took up their roost.  I know they
> > not active when I first participated in AM fifteen years ago.  In any
> > 3870 is currently identified by the ARRL as the West Coast AM call in
> > frequency.  It would be a pleasure to think they would be gentlemen
> > to find a meeting place outside the AM window.
> >
> Bill,
> I guess I don't get it.  First of all, what does any of this have to
> do with the original topic posted?

If you have to ask....

> Second, what would you have us "5 landers" do?  Fight your battles for
> you guys in 6 Land?  This SSB group is a lot bigger than the 2 or 3
> you suggest, and I for one am not going to lay a carrier on them just
> because I can!

There seem to be only one or two, not two or three.   I don't think I need
to repeat myself, please re-read the post, above.

> What exactly are you asking or suggesting "us 5 landers" do for you?
> There are groups of 6 and 7 landers that get in between 3880 and 3890
> daily on SSB.  Do you think we would suggest you "6 landers" just take
> care of that for us?

Do you really suggest this is a personal affront?  3870 is in the AM window,
and 3870 is recognized by the ARRL as the West Coast Call-In frequency.  We
would welcome your activity.

> Maybe I'm missing the big point here...

There isn't any "big point."  The little point is 3870 is a popular AM
frequency in an AM window between 3870 and 3885.

73 de Bill, AB6MT
hbco2 at sbcglobal.net

> 73
> w5ami
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