[AMRadio] AM Forum

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Tue Apr 3 14:20:51 EDT 2007

Todd, I will not quit reading AM Fone.  I will, however, not 
originate topics nor answer any ongoing threads.  I will 
respond if someone directs a query to me.

I am pleased to be a member of a group of people such as 
yourself, Don/KYV, Gary/FMX, Jim/JKO, Pete/WCA and many who 
do try to assist and befriend others, rather than ignoring 
or shutting their comments out no matter how long I have 
known them.

I feel it is my obligation to promote Amateur Radio, in 
general, and AM operation specifically.  Each new person I 
meet is welcome to join any conversations, proffer any 
criticism or add information to my comments as long as it is 
respectful.  That is also a part of my reason for supporting 
Ted's board.    http://www.kc3ol.dynip.com/forums/index.php

I do not care what equipment they use nor do I care about 
their location.  It should be a total group thing as you, 
Pete, Don, Brian and many others support.  As for hearing 
me, I find it funny that some of the guys that avoided 
talking to me live in rural areas with less noise than you 
Todd, yet you gave me a good signal report as does anyone 
who contacts me.  Makes on wonder.

Ted's board has a much less noise ratio and I have been a 
member since its inception.  I have never seen a response 
there as the example I cited on AM Fone.

So, thankfully I spend as much time on the air as possible 
which is were I draw my inspiration for repairing or 
modifying equipment.  There I share my stories, successes, 
and failures.

See you on the radio, live it up.


> Well Jim, I appreciate your position and opinions in the 
> matter, I'm
> just sorry you think that starting or moving to yet 
> another board is
> the best recourse. 

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