[AMRadio] West Coast Activity?

Bob Macklin macklinbob at msn.com
Tue Apr 3 15:15:08 EDT 2007

Brett N2DTS comments:

Not sure how it is there, but in the past, 40 meters
was great to operate on in the daytime on weekends.
I would spend winter weekend mornings on 40, you could very often
get by with 25 watts, 100 watts was a strong station!

Short wave broadcast did not start till about 2 or 3pm, just
in time to start cooking dinner!

Of late, I suspect the sunspot cycle has eaten 40 meters in the
daytime, at night there seems to be plenty of CW.

I never actually tried 40 AM at night as it was filled up
with broadcast, I wonder what kind of skip you would have...

You might just have to wait, but when it comes around again,
your indoor antenna and some little rig may work great on 40.>>

I will start leaving the Rx on 7290 weekend and see if I can hear anything.
I have 3 HF receivers so I may just leave one on 7280, one on 7285, and one
on 7290. Wish I had a panadapter for the SB-301. It's easier to look over at
the scope every few minutes than trying to tune around all day.

Because I live in this valley I feel I will have a better chance on 40M
because of my antenna limitation. I know I am not the only one with this

The predominent AM activity seems to be on 75M. This is supposed to be the
best night time band. But I hear more CW on 40M than on 80M. Again it may be
the antenna. But I do hear W1AW (sometimes) and I do hear the West Coast
RTTY net on a regular bassis. Is 20M AM just being ignored? I never read any
comments about it anymore.

Bob Macklin
Near Seattle, Wa

"Real Radios Glow In The Dark"

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