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Tue Apr 3 15:37:22 EDT 2007

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> I think Todd has a real point about too many choose
> to use the
> internet instead of getting on the damned air! 
> Maybe I should close down AMRadio for a few months
> and see what happens!

I've been following this general thread and figure it
is time to "kill two birds" with one email. 

I don't have an AM transmitter on the air; since I
haven't built one yet. I don't expect to be one the
air on AM until later in the year, but I enjoy
listening audio and style of an AM QSO. I'm in the
process of changing careers and hope to have more time
to get on the air, soon. Until I find the time to get
the parts together, I'm listening to the chatter on
the air and watching the posts on this mailing list,
mostly to pick up who is who and has what and is doing
whatever. I appreciate this group, and don't mind the
"occasional" airing of complaints and such; for I
choose to ignore most of it and look for the real
treasures worth keeping in my inbox. The AM Forum is
something I value, so please don't rashly shut it down
for the sake of an occasional pisser. 

So this is my two cents to the fellows who wish to
hear more on this list from a cowboy in Texas.

Mike Mertes 

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