[AMRadio] AM activity from 5-land

Mike Sawyer w3slk at hughes.net
Tue Apr 3 19:27:33 EDT 2007

Don said:

I'd also like to hear more AM activity from 5-land in the new Extra class
portion of 75m.  From the day of the band expansion, AM'ers have attempted
to congregate near both sides of the 3700 kc/s boundary, in the upper part
of the Extra segment and lower part of the Advanced segment.  There was much
enthusiam  and much AM activity during the first couple of weeks after the
expansion, but as the novelty wore off, AM activity down there has become
very sparse, and most of the AM activity has migrated back up the 3870-90
kc/s "ghetto".  I frequently call "CQ AM", but most of my responses are from
SSB operators who decided to give AM a try, sometimes for  the very first
time.  Many of these have turned out to be very interesting and enjoyable
QSO's, and some of these operators have expressed interest in continuing to
participate in AM activity now that they have experienced it.  However, I
would like to hear more activity by the AM regulars in that part of the

Don k4kyv

    I have found that I have a few 'rocks' at 3710, 3745, and 3645 that I 
can use in my MK-214D. I didn't make any contacts until Sunday when I hooked 
up with John, W3JN. I intend to make frequent sojourns there now that the 
spring/summer hash has made its appearance.

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