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steveve2swc at aol.com steveve2swc at aol.com
Wed Apr 4 04:11:38 EDT 2007

I use to listen almost every morning in the winter months to 7290 - this  was 
about 1998-2000 and heard strong signals from all over the northeast as well  
as some southerners. It has been said that maybe with better  propagation 
coming once again we will hear 40 meter activity. As well there are  40meter 
broadcast holes with SW broadcasters on 7290 most nights. What's to  stop someone 
from testing that theory?At least during the winter months.WBCQ on  7415 use 
to blast into here (Montreal) every night. I can't hear a thing now  from 7415. 
Either they have changed direction paterns or all these lost signals  are due 
to sun-cycle and all we have to do is wait it out.(By that time I may  have 
an Apache on the air,hi.)  Steve VE2SWC 


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