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Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 11:34:08 EDT 2007

On 4/4/07, Bob Macklin <macklinbob at msn.com> wrote:

> By sticking to the established AM windows you leave more opertunity to those of us only holding General class tickets.

No one has advocated giving up use of any particular frequency, merely
expanding our horizons. Those who have operated below 3800 truly
appreciate a break from the rat race that 3870-3885 usually become at

> Moving your operations down to the new territory recently opened up by the band realignment limits your activity to Extra class and Advanced class ticket holders.

True, but in today's world with the tests being easier than ever and
no code involved, there's really nothing to keep folks from upgrading.
At least, that's what folks have told me, since I'm only Avdanced

> IMHO that reduces the possibility of creating more AM activity.

Actually, it increases activity dramatically. Most of us who operate
below 3800 have worked multiple new AMers trying it out for the first
time, or returning after many years away. This isn't seen as often in
the old AM window due to the noise and nonsense taking place there, on
any mode.

> But if you want ANOTHER PRIVATE CLUB, then feel free to move where ever you want.

I don't see it as a private club, more an excellent alternative. I've
met some very nice folks that way. It's not a matter of playing
favorites, it's a matter of taking advantage of opprotunities. Locking
yourself into a tiny portion of a large band has never seemed like a
good idea to me. Even the ARRL only lists 'calling frequencies' for

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ

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