[AMRadio] AM Windows!

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Apr 4 15:30:34 EDT 2007

Well not really hiding Todd.  All the descriptions that have 
been mentioned took a toll on us so we did something.  We 
run in spurts because of weather now.  I had storms in the 
area for 3 straight days then Brian had the pleasure.

So we haven't been on in the past few days.  Also Brian is 
of the working class which places a burden on him.  Not 
everyone is lucky like me and retired.  When the rig is 
working and the bands permit, we will be looking for you.

73  Jim

>> We meet on 3.890 and move to an open
>> frequency near 3.825 - 35 several times a week.
> A-HA! So *that's* where you've been hiding! The noise has 
> been so bad
> up this way in the 3870-3885 swath that I figured I just 
> wasn't
> hearing you guys anymore. Brian was down on 3725 or 30 one 
> night when
> I came on late, it was the strongest and clearest I'd 
> heard him. The
> old 'window' is pretty much unusable here most nights due 
> to the
> noise, jamming, band changes and so on. Weekend mornings 
> and
> afternoons are great, but once it starts getting dark....
> I'll definitely listen in the area you mentioned, and give 
> a yell once
> the transmitter is fixed.
> ~ Todd,  KA1KAQ

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