[AMRadio] Anyone On tonight?

Bow kd5kzn at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 5 03:21:02 EDT 2007

Hey AM'ers

Anyone on the air tonight? 

I guess my PW Icom IC-718 doesn't have enough to check into the big net on

Is anyone else on tonight that wants to give it a QSO a shot?

I am in Houston TX.



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Since the band expansion some people have been moving about some.  Not
nearly as much as I would like to see, but there are places where AM turns
up.  One of the disadvantages you have in trying to work back into he
Central US is the time zone.

You will overlap us from about 8 your time until about 9. 
Dial around and listen for us.  However with the Spring and Summer storms we
have hear, you might just find us on SSB, depending on the band propagation
and noise level.  We only do the SSB thing when conditions are terrible.

I just looked at radar near Galveston, TX and there is a bunch of T storm
activity off the South Texas coast.  That will bring havoc to us tonight.
If it were not for that, the rest of the Central, Western and Southern US
looks good. 
So we would probably be on.

Whatever you do, plan on next Fall and Winter.  But in the meantime listen
for the 3.870 group along the West Coast. 
Anyone would be happy to make contact with someone in your territory.  I
haven't worked Washington on AM since my early days.

73  Jim

> Todd comments:
> <<A-HA! So *that's* where you've been hiding! The noise has been so 
> bad up this way in the 3870-3885 swath that I figured I just wasn't 
> hearing you guys anymore. Brian was down on 3725 or 30 one night when 
> I came on late, it was the strongest and clearest I'd heard him. The 
> old 'window' is pretty much unusable here most nights due to the 
> noise, jamming, band changes and so on. Weekend mornings and 
> afternoons are great, but once it starts getting dark....>>
> I think the point has been made. I assume the AM community is a 
> friendly group. It would be nice to know where and when to look for 
> the activity. For 40M the area is not very larg. byt for 80/75 
> thiereis a lot of space to cover.
> Bob Macklin
> Near Seattle, Wa

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