[AMRadio] 50 ohms simple question

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 15:57:35 EDT 2007

Geoff/W5OMR wrote:
> Alan Beck wrote:
>> Basic question
>> Why is it that my radios are 50 ohms and the impedance at the feed 
>> point at
>> the antenna (pure dipole) is 70 ohms.
> No, yer not mistaken.... but, if you want to lower the input impedance 
> to your dipole, bring the legs down to around 40 degrees, and you'll 
> drop the input impedance to the antenna down around 20 ohms.

RBethman wrote:
> Geoff, Alan, Et al,
> Both of you are RIGHT - BUT - almost EVERY radio/amplifier will tune 
> from 50 ohms to about 75 ohms.
> So futzing with the antenna MAY not be NEEDED!

I didn't say he -had- to.  I just made the suggestion, if he -wanted- to ;-)

73 = Best Regards,

A: Yes.
 > Q: Are you sure?
 >> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
 >>> Q: Why is top posting annoying in email?

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