[AMRadio] FS: BA Test Gear, Mica Caps, Vintage SS Parts

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 5 20:57:54 EDT 2007

For Sale BA Test Gear and Parts, Plus Vintage Solid
State Parts

Old stock mica (?) capacitors, five pounds, unsorted.
This is 5 pounds of those square and rectangular
color-coded capacitors as used in radios and TVs of
the 40’s and 50’s. All shapes and sizes. There might
be some used ones in here, nut mostly these are all
new. Probably 200+ caps. $10 plus $8.60 priority flat
rate box with tracking. 

Vintage solid state parts bonanza! This is 2 parts
cabinets full of vintage solid state parts--all new,
old stock. There is about 15 pounds of parts here plus
5 pounds for the 2 metal cabinets with plastic
drawers. Reading the contents: ICs 7403, 7404, 7406,
7441, 7442, 7448, 74S112, 74LS124, 74154, 1/8W
surface-mount chip resistors, 4000-series CMOS ICs,
558, 741CN, 709C op amps, LM3302, 455khz ceramic
filters, PC-mount, 10.7mhz ceramic filters, Schottky
Barrier Diodes, PNP and NPN transistors, hall-effect
switches, glass reed switches, noise generator ICs,
LCD timer/clock module, 0-500 hours elapsed time
indicators, tantalum caps, Dale 100 and 700-series
PC-mount trimmers, LM-377, PA237 and SanKen audio amp
ICs, 308, CA 3015 wide band op amps, many types of
diode rectifiers, 8-bit memory, 710 diff comparator,
G-401 quad input nand/nor gate, unijunction
transistors, 2N3568 and other RF transistors, TO-3 and
TO-2230 mountings including mica washers, Darlington
transistors, JFETs, MOSFETs and SCRs--plus a lot that
I didn’t bother writing down. Almost all of these
parts are new in original packaging. RCA, Archer,
Motorola, TI, and practically every brand name on
Earth is represented. $25 plus actual shipping cost
for both cabinets and all contents. 

Ameco Model VFO-621 50-144-220Mhz VFO. Near-mint in
original box and packing. No manual. I don’t think
this was ever used. Untested. As-is. $49 plus $8.60
priority flat rate box with tracking.

Hallicrafters model HG-1 HF Signal Generator in
beautiful original condition. Need slight cleaning but
is collector-quality in every respect. Seldom-seen
Hallicrafters test gear. Untested. As-is. $49

Eico model 378 Audio Generator in excellent, almost
like-new original condition. 10hz-100khz in 4 bands.
Output metered in RMS volts and DB. Switchable 600 ohm
internal load. Eico tag on this unit seems to indicate
that it is factory-wired. Untested. $45

Eico model 955 .1 to 50MFD R/C Bridge with tuning eye.
Compact unit in superb original condition. Uses a
horizontal-bar-type eye tube. Factory-wired. Untested.

Eico model 147A Signal Tracer with tuning eye. This is
like-new in the original box with probe, original
manual and packing. Sparkling. Box is stamped
“Factory-wired”. Untested. $39

Eico model 950B R/C Bridge with tuning eye. This looks
like Eico’s answer to the Sprague Tel-Ohmike bridge.
10 uufd to 5000 ufd on the dial. Nice original
condition with some scuff marks on the panel and
cabinet. This is the later style with the brushed
aluminum panel and gray cabinet. Should clean up to
look excellent. Panel screw heads are rusty so you may
want to replace those. Untested. $32

Eico model 950 R/C Bridge with tuning eye. I assume
this is an earlier version of the B model above. But I
sure don’t see any difference. This one is dirty and
has some scratches on the panel. But it should still
clean up to very good or better original condition.
Untested. $28

Eico model 950A R/C Bridge with tuning eye. This is
the model with the blue panel and blue cabinet. The
tuning eye is on the left instead of on the right with
the other two models. And there is a neon lamp on the
right upper panel labeled “Electrolytic Test”. This
one has a nice front panel with some missing panel
screws. The cabinet has some surface rust spots on top
that may or may not clean off. The plastic handle is
broken. But it could be glued back together and be
almost un-noticeable. Untested. $25

Waters Compreamp model 359. This is a 2-transistor
accessory mic preamp/compressor designed to go between
your mic and your rig. It is small and runs on a 9V
battery. I think this one has never been used. It has
a couple scuffs and some slight dirt but should clean
up to like new condition. Well-made. $23

Eico model 710 grid dip meter with all coils and coil
box. This is dirty but should clean up to excellent
condition. With manual copy. $15

Another Eico model 710 grid dip meter with all coils
and coil box. This one has a dent in the front panel
but is otherwise in good shape. The dent can probably
be straightened out without too much work. $10

Eico model 250 RMS AC Voltmeter and DB Meter. This has
one or two small marks on it and the lower part of the
cabinet needs cleaned. But it’s in wonderful condition
and will clean up to almost like new. With
factory-wired tag on it. I don’t think this has ever
been used. $39

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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