[AMRadio] RCA BTA-5T Transmitter

Robert A. Poff wb3awj at comcast.net
Thu Apr 5 23:16:48 EDT 2007

Many months ago I posted on the list that I had an RCA BTA-5T to get rid of.

A few people responded, but after a crashed drive, I've lost names, etc.
So here we go again..

I have to get rid of our good old BTA-5T.
It's absolutely free, BUT you have to remove it from the building.
And I've now been presented with a May 1st deadline.

The 5T is a 5KW/1KW switchable rig with 3 phase power.

The rig is in operating condition, currently tuned to 910 kc.
Until recently, I've run it for an hour every few months or so.
There is a single 5762 in the PA.
This one has been modified with 3CX2500 modulators (by WD8DAS of this list
when he was C.E. here)

I found a link to this information sheet on the National Radio Club site

If you're interested, contact me via email.
Or if you're REALLY interested call me at 717-515-0607

It would break my heart to get to the point of cutting the old girl up.
I grew up listening to it.
Won't someone give it a good home?

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> I just built a Zepp antenna with tuned feeders:  length of antenna is 247
> feet with 45 feet of feedline using 5 inch spreaders.
> Why am I getting more antenna current in one lead than the other?  I
> inserted an RF meter in each feedline before the antenna tuner.  I believe
> that the current was about 1.5 and 1.7 R.F. ampere respectively at 3.870
> Mhz.
> Thank you
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