[AMRadio] FS: BA Accessories, Test Gear and Miscellany

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 6 14:40:15 EDT 2007

For Sale: Boatanchor Accessories, Test Gear, Etc.

Test Socket Adapters. These are the ones that plug
into the tube socket and you plug the tube into the
adapter which has tabs on it for each pin so that you
can test conditions at that tube while the set is
operating without removing the chassis. 
9-pin miniature Pomona: $10
9-pin miniature CBS Hytron: $10
9-pin Novar, Pomona Model 1779: $8 (2 available)
12-pin tall compactron, Pomona Model 2742: $9 (2
12-pin compactron with center keyway, Pomona Model
TVS-12: $8

E.C.I. Porta-Lab station monitor. This is a typical
1960’s do-all station accessory with fwd/refl RF power
meter, SWR meter, headphone output for monitoring,
dummy load and relative field strength meter. Rated at
up to 50 watts. This is in a 6h x 8w x 4d
chrome-plated steel box with a handle and retractable
whip antenna on top. Input and output is via SO-239
sockets. The front panel is black. Two thumb screws
remove the panel to reveal a well-made unit with
inline coupler and dry dummy load made out of many
2-watt resistors. This thing is dirty and the chrome
on top of the cabinet has some rust spots that
probably won’t polish off. Untested. As-is. $15

Waters Dummy-Load Wattmeter Model 334A. This is a
combination dummy load and watt meter good for up to
1KW in ranges of 10, 100, 300 and 1000 watts. The
dummy load is an oil-filled unit and much of the oil
seems to have leaked out of this one. Instructions are
printed on the back. I don’t know whether you would
want to try to fix the leak and refill the dummy load
or just use an MFJ dry load mounted in place of the
oil can--which would probably fit inside the cabinet
neatly. The cabinet paint has some rough spots and the
plated handle hardware has some surface rust. The
front panel and meter look very good. As-is, needs
work. $35

RCA WR-514A TV Sweep Chanalyst. Sweep alignment
generator for the FM band plus TV channels 2-13. Has
xtal-controlled IF markers at 4.5 and several 41.xxx
Mhz frequencies. Dirty but will clean up to excellent
original condition. With original manual and all
original probes and terminator accessories. Untested.
As-is. $15

Heathkit T-3 visual-Aural Signal Tracer. One of the
original 1950’s-vintage Heath test gear kits.  Panel
has dirt, nicotine and some scrapes at edges. Cabinet
has some marks but is basically nice. With a good Gojo
cleaning, this should look very good or better.
Classic Heath test gear. Untested. As-is. $21

Rycom 2785A Buried Cable Fault Locator. This consists
of a transmitter in one small case with handle and
storage compartments. In one compartment is the
receiver with carry strap and headphones. Diagrams
inside show how to use the set to pinpoint the
location of earth ground faults, shorts, grounds and
crosses. TX and RX are battery operated ( the TX uses
2 6 volt lantern batteries) and the batteries are
dead. But I think this will work fine once the
batteries are replaced. Modern-ish solid-state unit.
Untested. As-is. $29

Sprague Tel-Ohmike Resistor-Condenser Analyzer (R/C
Bridge). This is probably the classic R/C bridge from
which Eico, Heath and others copied their designs. It
uses the single central dial with tuning eye that
eventually became standard for these units. This one
is dirty all over with nicotine. But a good Gojo
cleaning should bring it up to very good or better
condition. The leather handle is broken and needs
replaced. The plastic dial cover has shrunken and
warped in such a way that it may interfere with the
dial pointer at certain points in its rotation--I
can’t tell for sure. This once-nice and useful unit
could be nice and useful again with some TLC.
Untested. As-is. $23

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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