[AMRadio] Re: GB> AM vs SSB???

RBethman rbethman at comcast.net
Fri Apr 6 23:37:03 EDT 2007

Apparently you DIDN'T read Grant's post.  That is WHERE the KWS-1 was 
spoken about.

Try: <http://www.collinsradio.org/html/kws-1.html>

As to SSB, the KWS-1 IS fine.  As to AM - It transmits a carrier and 
ONLY one SIDEBAND.  Thereby being POOR for DSB with carrier since it 
ONLY O-N-E sideband with CARRIER.

Therefore my comment that IT has ISSUES!

I have owned an S-Line station with 312B-4.  Precisely a 32S-3A, 75S-3A, 
and a 516F-2 power supply in the external speaker  As to which amplifier 
used is UNIMPORTANT.  Albeit I do prefer the 30S-1.

SSB is fine for narrow bandwidth comms.  It's one reason that Uncle Sam 
went to it.

For pure audio quality, I much prefer my BC-610 or T-213 with either my 
SP-600 and/or the R-390A.

>> The KWS-1 has issues in that it transmits ONLY one sideband NOT both.
>> That is precisely WHY I passed by the one that was/is <eventually>
>> available WITH the matching receiver.  Both are completely restored.
>> As such - it is a POOR example to cite for "AM vs SSB"
> First a transmitter that transmits both sidebands is NOT SSB.  SSB
> means exactly SINGLE SIDE BAND.  If a transmitter transmits both
> sidebands it is DSB for Double Side Band...unless it also wastes time
> with the carrier then it is AM.
> And I did not refer to the KWS1 when I said the Collins properly tuned
> had great audio.  Or, actually I said it didn't sound like donald
> duck.  BUT...my 1958 S-Line, 32S1, 75S1 and 30L1 does have great audio
> that sounds like you are sitting across the room from the other party.
> It was precisely because of the audio that in 1958 I fell in love with
> the Collins S-Line series of communication gear.
> Jim Isbell 

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