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Sat Apr 7 02:03:07 EDT 2007

Hello !
 Vince I can certainly understand the guitar amps !
Can still hear them myself. :(
 But what AM all comes down to is that the human ear, no matter how abused, still is ultimately critical of the phase accuracy of received sound. Especially in the voice range.
 Some of this is due to the brains function of locating position by phase difference between the ears.
  Whenever an audio signal is bandpassed or EQ'd in any way
there are often serious phase shifts created.
  So the broader and flatter an audio signal and the further outside of normal hearing range the filtering is kept the easier it is to listen to and more musical due to the proper phase alignment of both higher and lower harmonics of the sound.
  I am primarily refering to analog audio here. Digi is another can o worms.

Bill, back from the Studio

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