[AMRadio] Re: AM ?? Vince

Vince Werber ka1iic at prexar.com
Fri Apr 6 22:40:09 EDT 2007

Well most of the time when I do operate I do AM...  with an old Collins 32V1 
in fact.  When I must do SSB I use my old NC-183 with a product detector that 
I stuffed under the chassis and from there I EQ the audio out to smooth it 
out....  I have to round off the peaks because of my hearing being messed up 
<heh>  perhaps I would be more correct to say I mellow the signal :-)

BTW... I still have my old Fender Super Reverb Silver face with the 6L6GC's...  
I don't use it that much tho...  I have more or less retired to a simple D-10 
acoustic guitar...  which is where I started in the first place HI HI  A 
friemd of mine in the 60's used these huge Ampeg amps with four 6146's in the 
output... now those amps wailed!!!


On Saturday 07 April 2007 06:03, DOXEMF at aol.com wrote:
> Hello !
>  Vince I can certainly understand the guitar amps !
> Can still hear them myself. :(
>  But what AM all comes down to is that the human ear, no matter how abused,
> still is ultimately critical of the phase accuracy of received sound.
> Especially in the voice range. Some of this is due to the brains function
> of locating position by phase difference between the ears. Whenever an
> audio signal is bandpassed or EQ'd in any way
> there are often serious phase shifts created.
>   So the broader and flatter an audio signal and the further outside of
> normal hearing range the filtering is kept the easier it is to listen to
> and more musical due to the proper phase alignment of both higher and lower
> harmonics of the sound. I am primarily refering to analog audio here. Digi
> is another can o worms.
> Bill, back from the Studio
> KB3DKS/1
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