[AMRadio] Good SSB

charles L. mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 7 10:25:46 EDT 2007

Well, I know for a fact that AM quality audio can be
had on SSB within a 3Khz bandwidth.  We are using
analog equipment on a microwave link that uses SSB for
voice and data.  There is not one hint that gives it
away as SSB.  Stable oscillators, and good mixers seem
to be the key. Each 3Khz channel, starting at 0 to
3Khz with a 1Khz guard band, are arranged in groups
and supergroups filling a block up to 4 Mhz, giving
almost 1000 voice and data, full duplex channels. The
circuit board, about the size of 2 QSL cards, is a
complete, USB or LSB XCVR, tunable (via dip switch)
from 0 to 4 Mhz. The combining of all the different
signals is down the line, but is nothing more than
hooking all these signals together in a manner that
maintains the 75 Ohm Z, nothing else. It is not a
modern surface mount miracle either, it is all
transistors and IC's, 30 year old technology.  Given
the quality audio this thing generates, and its size,
leads me to conclude that SSB audio in Amateur
equipment is by cost and not quality. 

Charlie W4MEC in NC (TX1, SB10, RX1, R390A, C Line) 

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