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Hello Vince !
  You said:
>BTW... I still have my old Fender Super Reverb Silver face with the 6L6GC's...<

  While your amp has a silver face it is most likely still the original pre CBS Fender circuit. One of the best all around designs that Fender made. Will work best with T.S. 5881's as in most of the Black face amps.
   >I don't use it that much tho...  I have more or less retired to a simple D-10  acoustic guitar...  which is where I started in the first place HI HI< 
  Kind of like running QRP. No neighbor complaints and pleasing to listen to.
  >A friemd of mine in the 60's used these huge Ampeg amps with four 6146's in the output... now those amps wailed!!!<

  Awhile ago there was a thread on this or the Tube Collectors list about the Ampeg SVT and it's use of the 6146.
 Six of them with the output rating of 300 watts.
 This amp weighs in at almost 80 lbs and actually bench tests 
at 300 watts. 
  The 6146B/8298A was the only available tube rated for this at the time. Plate voltage was 660 vdc. When the 6550 came out it was retro fitted and the amp was redesigned to use them. Suprisingly the B+ was raised to 695 vdc.
  I have the Ampeg service notes for the change over procedure.
  The 6550's were much safer without the plate cap and actually performed and sounded better anyway.
  Currently a very desirable amp but costs a small fortune to retube especially with the new production tubes not quite as good as the originals so NOS are really needed.

   If you could find one of these, the power amplifier is a seperate, complete chassis with enough room to replace the output transformer with a 250 watt or so piece of Mod iron and will set in a 19 inch rack tray.

Bill KB3DKS/1

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