[AMRadio] Re: GB> AM vs SSB???

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Sat Apr 7 18:04:09 EDT 2007

I had a KWS-1 and the 75A4, and I remember it being a huge pain in the butt
using it on ssb, tune receiver, find a qso, zero beat the freq, 
tune the rig and antenna up, and by the time I was done the qso was over.

Not user friendly by today's standards.
That's sort of why I like the usual AM frequencies, I have settings 
written down for each band.

The KWS-1 was one well built rig though!


> Apparently you DIDN'T read Grant's post.  That is WHERE the KWS-1 was 
> spoken about.
> Try: <http://www.collinsradio.org/html/kws-1.html>
> As to SSB, the KWS-1 IS fine.  As to AM - It transmits a carrier and 
> ONLY one SIDEBAND.  Thereby being POOR for DSB with carrier since it 
> ONLY O-N-E sideband with CARRIER.
> Therefore my comment that IT has ISSUES!

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