[AMRadio] 3.870

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Apr 8 09:25:40 EDT 2007

The FCC is caught in the middle on things like this and the 
response will be to investigate both sides.  Mr. 
Hollinsworth will look for the preponderance of evidence 
before he communicates with anyone.

I would suggest that those of us in 5 land show up on 3.870 
at about 4 PM CDT and have the recorder going.  There is 
absolutely no reason for people to behave as those idiots 
were doing last night.  I would also refrain from being 
combative but do be firm in your positions.  Entice them 
into stating their call sign and, if possible, what 
equipment they are using.  This group reminds me of the one 
that is on 3.878 and those on 3.892.  They are there with 
high power for only one reason, to cause interference to the 
AM groups that meet there.  If we can catch them with their 
pants down, it would be a service to all hamdom.

Unfortunately I am going to be out of town for an extended 
period so will not be able to join you until I return. 
3.870 is a perfect frequency for those who meet on 3.890 in 
the afternoon to utilize until about 7 PM if possible.  One 
thing for sure is you will never convince the offenders they 
are doing anything wrong, but we should try.  If you get 
their calls, try emailing them a nice sounding note telling 
them how they are wrong for the first attempt and keep a 
copy for your records..


> Bob said:
> The one guy was saying that since Riley is old that he 
> loves the
> Amers and going to stand behind us and not the SSB 
> community...Ya
> Right!!!!  Guess that us 5 Landers need to get on 3.870 
> before the
> SSBers... How's about 7PM and we just hold it from then 
> on!!!!  Make it
> a national calling Freq!!!
> Bob W1PE
> Several of us got a chance to meet Riley at Frank, 
> KB3AHE's house last year
> when he 'dropped in' for the AMer's post Timonium party. 
> Those boys are in
> for a rude awakening. Riley is not old, (at least by my 46 
> year old
> standards), and if memory serves me, he is also a lawyer. 
> He did state that
> he wanted us, (HAMS) to police our own ranks, but in event 
> there is
> malicious interference, to "roll tape" with date and 
> times. Also if you can
> get the offending station to say his call sign over the 
> air, that would be a
> big plus. But, let me add, he also stated that its a two 
> way street. So it
> always pays to be on your best behavior.
> Happy Easter to all.
> Mod-U-Lator,
> Mike(y)

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