[AMRadio] OT Guitar Amps

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Sun Apr 8 11:50:55 EDT 2007

  At least they had tubes...

  In my Music Repair days I built some special effects cabinets for a few 
musicians - mostly bass players, and 80% of them Ampeg SVT, or Rock City 

   I'd build a big cabinet, with space for 6 or 8 12" speakers. In the 
cabinet would be a 250 volt power supply charging a few 1000 microfarads 
of big beefy caps.... and some pyrotechnic squib holders.  We'd buy the 
cheapest junk speakers available, and prepare them by slitting the 
surrounds and voice coil spider, then using a bit of scotch tape to hold 
the cone in place.  The cabinet would be finished in Tolex or Diamond Tuck 
to match the rest of the Stack.

   Then, at a pre-determined moment, usually at the climax of the last set, 
the Musician would step on a foot switch, discharging the capacitor bank 
through all the speakers, blowing the (often burning) cones sometimes 
clear out into the crowd, and setting off the fireworks squibs at the same 

   "DUUUUDE!!! He BLEW his AMP *UP*!!! It was AWWWWWSOME!! DUUUUDE!!!!"

   I made about a dozen of those durring the stadium rock days...

   We now return you to your originally-scheduled AmRadio Newsgroup, 
already in progress....



Who is a lifelong keyboard player (with the exception of...   [eww!] 

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