[AMRadio] OT Guitar Amps

Vince Werber ka1iic at prexar.com
Sun Apr 8 08:34:34 EDT 2007

I got to watch the Greatful Dead guys set up once...  from the security cat 
walk over head...  most impressive... <heh>  but that was yet another 


On Sunday 08 April 2007 15:50, John Lawson wrote:
>   At least they had tubes...
>   In my Music Repair days I built some special effects cabinets for a few
> musicians - mostly bass players, and 80% of them Ampeg SVT, or Rock City
> aficianados.
>    I'd build a big cabinet, with space for 6 or 8 12" speakers. In the
> cabinet would be a 250 volt power supply charging a few 1000 microfarads
> of big beefy caps.... and some pyrotechnic squib holders.  We'd buy the
> cheapest junk speakers available, and prepare them by slitting the
> surrounds and voice coil spider, then using a bit of scotch tape to hold
> the cone in place.  The cabinet would be finished in Tolex or Diamond Tuck
> to match the rest of the Stack.
>    Then, at a pre-determined moment, usually at the climax of the last set,
> the Musician would step on a foot switch, discharging the capacitor bank
> through all the speakers, blowing the (often burning) cones sometimes
> clear out into the crowd, and setting off the fireworks squibs at the same
> time..
>    "DUUUUDE!!! He BLEW his AMP *UP*!!! It was AWWWWWSOME!! DUUUUDE!!!!"
>    I made about a dozen of those durring the stadium rock days...
>    We now return you to your originally-scheduled AmRadio Newsgroup,
> already in progress....
> Cheers
> John
> Who is a lifelong keyboard player (with the exception of...   [eww!]
> accordions...)
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