[AMRadio] Rife generator and texas tubes

John Lyles jtml at losalamos.com
Sun Apr 8 14:59:02 EDT 2007

A retired rural neighbor (~3/4 mile away, thank goodmess) had been building a Rife generator, to treat his wifes illness - so he told me. He got some sort of 11 meter amplifier and was messing around with a microphone booster (like a Turner +2 mike) or something, and called me for help.... I think he was basically overdriving the thing to where the carrier was being cut off (100% neg) and using that to create a pulsed signal.... rather disgusting. I told him that he shouldn't do that, at least without checking around using a radio to determine how much QRM he was creating around the area. 

Hmmm, maybe these Rife folks have degenerated from the 11 meter crowd since the sunspots are down, and have decided to put their rigs to a new task, although the transmission quality is not much different from when they were screaming in the mike. BTW, it doesn't take rocket science to light a plasma in a gas tube with RF. Interesting how these cutting-edge 'scientists' are spinning their wheels and bandwidth about this. My friend here was rabid talking about it. Now he has decided to build an electron beam machining setup, so he's happy with that.  Suppose it keeps 'em out of trouble though. Hope they are wearing some glasses to protect their eyes from the UV though, or they will have something else to treat with their Rife beams. 

New Mexico

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