[AMRadio] 833 Homebrew by W5TOP & N5DUP

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sun Apr 8 16:08:24 EDT 2007

That is too cool!  He's got some serious iron in that dude!


I just got these photo's from my good friend Paul/N5DUP in West Texas.
 Soon to be on the air out there.  With the help of Charles/W5TOP,
Paul/N5DUP built this from misc. parts from an old Gates BC
transmitter and other sources (one item from me).  Appears to have
link coupled output.  A single 833 modulated by 810's.  The mods can
be seen in the lower section lit up.  A Ranger is built right into the
unit as a VFO/exciter.  They built this and finished it about 5 years
ago, then Paul got involved in some more important issues, so it's
never been on the air.  Paul just recently came back on the air and
plans to get this beast on the air soon.


Just too cool!

Brian / w5ami

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