[AMRadio] Re: AM ?? Vince

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sun Apr 8 16:48:12 EDT 2007

>  I still have my old Fender Super Reverb Silver face with the
> 6L6GC's...  
> I don't use it that much tho...  I have more or less retired to a simple
> D-10 
> acoustic guitar...  which is where I started in the first place HI HI  A
> friemd of mine in the 60's used these huge Ampeg amps with four 6146's in
> the 
> output... now those amps wailed!!!

Vince - I worked on a lot of Ampegs, but I never saw any 6146es in 
Are you sure those weren't 6550s or EL34s?

Let me know if you want to unload your Fender Super Reverb!
Supers and Concerts are pretty nice amps. Good thing they only 
do AM and no SSB (LOL!)

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