[AMRadio] UPS Damaged Goods

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sun Apr 8 17:15:30 EDT 2007

Be careful about UPS. They are VERY reluctant to pay 
insurance claims. Fedex is more forthcoming. With UPS
you always have to dispute their rejection the first time 
and then they pay.

> Harveyesmith at aol.com wrote:
> >  
> > metal can be straightened,, and scratches do not bother electronic function.  
> >   good idea to have insured it, next time you ship it UPS, insure it for 5,000
> >  
> > sadly it appears   UPS must be not as conscientious and/or reliable as they 
> > used to be.  This is good info for all of us to learn from... and  for all to 
> > be aware of...  
> I recently needed to send a power amplifier module from a transmitter in 
> for repair and the equipment manufacturer I was shipping it to told me 
> WANTED GUARANTEED SAFE DELIVERY for repair or any other reason, to 
> insure it for at least $5,000.  He told me that UPS has a policy that 
> ANYTHING INSURED FOR $5,000 OR MORE is to be hand carried, processed and 
> signed by a UPS manager to insure proper handling and IT MUST ALWAYS BE 
> SIGNED FOR on the delivery end.  This way, IF IT DOES GET DAMAGED, it is 
> much harder for UPS to weasel out of a claim.  I think it will cost you 
> around $40 or $50 for the insurance.  Is it worth it?  Yes, especially 
> if you can't afford to pay for some UPS goon's carelessness.  I once 
> shipped a HP spectrum analyzer and they killed it but wouldn't pay for 
> it because it's Pelican case wasn't proper packaging.  Be careful, by 
> UPS "standards" the original manufacturer's packaging may not qualify 
> either.  Go figure.
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