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    The 32V series is basically a 100 watt carrier, and 400w PEP transmitter at 100% modulation. Since the legal limit is 1500w PEP, you need an amplifier that has about 6 DB of gain, to say ~ 375 watts carrier, and ~ 1500w PEP output with 100w carrier and 400w pep input. To my knowledge, a commercial amplifier does not fit this requirement unless you insert a 3-10 db attenuator to reduce the 32V power such that the amplifier will not be over driven. A Heath SB-220 will do with 15-25 watts carrier drive.

   Several years ago I posted a concept amplifier using a pair of 304 TL's in parallel, grounded grid, with a pi-network output. Some rough calculations showed 6 db of gain, and 400w in made 1600w out in class Ab2 (or was it class B). Unfortunately I lost my notes on this concept amplifier. A G-G 4-1000 amplifier might also be a candidate to explore, especially if the B+ is not too high (opening myself up here to the B+ %eff debate..:-))

  Since 6 db is ~ 1 S-unit, maybe you are better off sticking with 100w (400pep), and boosting your antenna a little higher free from things that might lower antenna efficiency..
Is an amplifier with less than 10db gain worth the effort? It all depends, and you be the judge.


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I'm getting ready to use a Collins 75A-1 and 32V-1.  What commercial
amplifier would be best to up the power and be heard.  Appreciate all



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