[AMRadio] AM - characteristics

Donald Sanders w4bws at comcast.net
Tue Apr 10 15:01:07 EDT 2007

I have been running controlled carrier since the first DX35 in about 1956
and now with the DX60B. In all those years I have never had a station
complain about non-quieting between words or thoughts. I have been told they
noticed the s-meter kicking a bit or signal seeming to increase with
talking. I have modified the voice range on all those i operated to have a
bit more bandpass and have been told that with the D-104 I have very natural
sounding audio. In College I operated a DX 35 modified to 1500 KHz as a
carriercurrent dorm broadcast transmitter and with a little mod to the
modulator we had very good sounding audio and never a complaint about
distortion, hum, audio characteristics and most enjoyed the music we played
though not all enjoyed the selections.
I believe in this day of high cost iron, that properly operated carrier
control modulation into a amplifier is cost effective and functional. My
SB220 likes the DX60B output and I get good results. All that said, it is
necessary and imperative for the user to have and use the test equipment a
to assure clean output and proper setup of the transmitter and amplifier. If
someone does not know what to have or how to use it then he/she should seek
the advice of the many experienced AM operators to set up the equipment.

Healthfully yours,
                          Don W4BWS
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> Don K4KYV said -- Controlled carrier AM reduces the
> duty cycle demand on the amplifier.
> Of course this is true, but attention needs to be paid
> to the loss of carrier's value as part of the
> wholesome AM experience.
> (SNIP)
> Reducing the carrier often shortchanges the listener,
> and therefore is not recommended.
> Paul/VJB
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