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Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Wed Apr 11 14:19:43 EDT 2007

 I had a two tube kit, 6aq5 output and a 12ax7 speech amp
in screen modulation I suppose, it was really low parts count.
Got out good with a 100 foot wire though, blocks!

Used to play the cassette deck of my favorite tunes over it
and ride around with a transistor radio.

When the girls next door had a radio station blaring,
I would zero beat and put opera on...


> Confession time? 
> I had a Laf-a-Lot (Lafayette) 2 tube wireless broadcaster, 
> hot chassis and all, which I connected to a wire and made it 
> out to one block away. I had a junky turntable, a really old 
> Mike, and a couple of toggle switches as my mixer. Only had a 
> few 45 rpm records back then, so my programming was rather 
> limited. Everything was fine until I connected the input jack 
> of the transmitter to the speaker jack of my Knight Kit Star 
> Roamer, trying to rebroadcast shortwave over medium wave. The 
> sparks flew as i grounded the chassis of the transmitter, not 
> having correctly polarized outlets in my parents 100 year old house. 
> Next I tried ham radio, that seemed to be the ticket....
> 73
> John 
> > > Coverage, coverage, coverage!   What memories you had me remember.
> > > Anyone else do the "Cutting Edge" in the AM bands?  
> > > 
> > > 73 Robert W4RL
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