[AMRadio] FS: HQ-100AC, BA Test Gear, Accessories

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 11 20:31:46 EDT 2007

For Sale: HQ-100, Test Gear, Manuals

Hammarlund HQ-100AC with clock. Nice small HF
receiver. This one is all original. The front panel
looks excellent. It has some scratches, scrapes and
scuffs around the front panel trim ring edges and on
the cabinet, but basically looks very good. I believe
this has the optional XC-455 BFO Kit Installed. With
original manual. Untested. $129

Littelfuse clear plastic, wall-mount display rack with
cardboard back. Holds 60 tiny tins of 3AG fuses in a
space about 14 inches tall by 8 inches wide. The slots
are sloped slightly downward to keep the tins from
falling out. 49 of the slots are filled with a nice
selection of fuses from 1/4 amp up to 20A, mostly
concentrated in the 1/4A to 5A range. About half the
fuse tins are Littelfuse--the rest are other brands.
Ready to mount on your wall and save a long search the
next time you need a fuse. $15 plus $8.60 priority
flat rate box mailing with tracking.

Ohmite “Little Devils” resistor cabinets--four of
them. You’ve probably seen these. They have black
plastic bodies and red plastic drawers with long
compartments in each drawer. Each compartment is
labeled and sized to hold a few resistors of one
specific  value. The cabinets stack neatly and look
pretty classy on the workbench. These four cabinets
are in nice shape with an occasional small chip here
and there. Some drawers have resistors in them, some
have capacitors and a range of miscellaneous whatever.
A few drawers are empty. About half of the drawer
labels are intact but the other half has been torn off
or taped over. But it would be simple to create new
labels on the PC in any word processor. Time to get
organized? $22

Western Electric F-1 handset. The cap over the ear
piece has a big chip out of it. Otherwise good. $6

Original Manuals

Triplett 630 VOM original manual. $8 including mailing
Leader LTC-905 curve tracer original manual. $6
including mailing
Eico 1060 Low Ripple Battery Eliminator & Charger. $7
including mailing
Jackson 640 Test Oscillator, no covers. $6 including
Simpson (Motorola) 407 Remote Aligner. $6 including
General Radio 1644-A Megohm Bridge original manual,
$10 including mailing

Other Literature. All prices plus $2 media mailing.

1001 Uses for the Simpson 260 VOM, Simpson, 965, 80
page paperback, excellent. $10
GE Essential Characteristics Tube Manual, 1973,
excellent. $6
GE Essential Characteristics Tube Manual, 1963,
comb-bound, very good. $9
RCA RC-22 Receiving Tube Manual, very good. $10
John Lenk, Handbook of Electronic test Equipment,
Prentice-Hall Hardback, 1971, 450 
   pages. $9
John Lenk, Understanding Electronic Schematics,
Prentice-Hall hardback with dust 
   jacket, 1981, 275 pages. This relates schematic
symbols to the physical part, the theory 
   of their operation and typical circuits they would
be found in. It’s the most thorough 
   treatment of this subject that I’ve ever seen. $9
Derek Cameron, Advanced Oscilloscope Handbook, Reston
Hardback with dust jacket, 
   1977, 200 pages. Good sections on scope functions
and how to use them, including 
   storage scopes. It also has 2 good sections on
using the scope to test audio and RF 
   amplifiers. But a lot of the book is related to
video testing. $8

Greenlee 5/8 inch Round Radio Chassis punch, very good
in box. $10
Greenlee 3/4 inch Round Radio Chassis punch, very good
in box. $10
Pomona Model 1447 7-pin tall miniature tube test
socket adapter. $10
Pomona Model 1449 9-pin tall miniature tube test
socket adapter. $10
Elenco XP-450 13.8VDC 4A regulated power supply, good.
$14 plus $8.60 priority flat 
   rate box mailing with tracking.

Micronta 22-183 DMM. Small, modern handheld unit with
test leads. Not auto ranging. Fused input. Nice LCD
readout. Has a stand to sit is at an angle on the
workbench. Nice meter, working perfectly. Uses 4 AA
batteries. $11

B&K Precision Model 2901 R/C Pak. Small, modern R and
C substitution box that can also sub for some
electrolytics up to 450V. Built in leads. $8

Shure Model 98-108 high-impedance ceramic mic. Short
mic element with XLR male plug. Nice looking
condition. Untested. $12

RCA WR-50B RF Signal Generator. This is slightly
larger than an old VTVM. It covers 85-1700khz in 3
bands and 1.5 to 45Mhz in 3 more bands. It has fixed
frequency outputs at 455khz and 10.7Mhz plus a crystal
socket, presumably for the fixed frequency of your
choice. It has provisions for sweeping 455khz and
10.7Mhz, but I don’t see how the sweep width is
set--maybe it is fixed. It has internal or external
modulation, switch-selected. Output attenuation is
uncalibrated and output is not metered. But otherwise,
this is a down-and-dirty practical workbench signal
gen. Working as designed. I did not test any of the
fixed frequency output. $45

Eico 950B Resistance Capacitance Comparator Bridge.
Typical R/C Bridge with tuning eye. With original
operating manual. Very good condition. $22

Eico 147A Signal Tracer. Typical workbench signal
tracer with tuning eye. Has marks on front panel and
rust spots on top of cabinet. With original
construction and operating manual. $10

B&K Precision 1X/10X switchable scope probe with
adjustable compensation, 6 ft cord with ground lead,
BNC connector. $8

Unknown brand 1X/10X switchable scope probe with
adjustable compensation, 6 ft cord with ground lead,
BNC connector. $5

Eico 369 TV RF Signal Generator and Marker Generator.
RF out from 3-220Mhz with markers in a similar range.
Crystal socket for fixed marker output. This is brand
new in the original box. Factory wired. $22

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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