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John Lyles jtml at losalamos.com
Thu Apr 12 01:39:08 EDT 2007

The Raytheon 1000 was one of the ugliest oversized 1 Kw boxes. It was the size of a small bathroom, and weight is comparable. The circuit was straight push pull 813s driving 833s. Everything about it was overkill. Much of the baseplate iron was oil-filled or potted. I stripped one of parts which had been in Roswell for years, and was in very horrible shape. Some of the var. capacitors had their plates partly melted and arced. It ran overheated so the tar and oil leaked on the bottom, and it had no hope of running, someone had already started scavenging by the time I got to it. So i didn't feel bad releving it of good components such as these. I certainly wouldn't recommend tearing apart at cherry RA1000, but based on the vintage and the rarety of them, chances of finding a good 'un are low. 

One more point, the iron out of this RA1000 carcass went to local hams, several who were able to build up nice homebrew AM transmitter from them. So it wasn't a total loss to the metal yard. 

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> What a horrible thing to do to a RA1000.  :-(
> Better to put up a tuned antenna, and restore the RA1000 to service.  :-)
> 73 de Bill, AB6MT
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> > A classic balanced line antenna tuning network can be built from the
> output components of a Raytheon RA1000 1 kW transmitter. It was one of the
> few that used push pull 833As in the RF, and had a symmetric tank with a
> huge inductor having a small motorized variometer (link coil) in the center
> for the antenna connection, and a split variable capacitor. The inductor was
> for AM band, so it has enough L to work down to 160 as well. Keep an eye
> open for RA1000s getting dumped, not too many left.
> > 73
> > John
> > K5PRO
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> Thanks for saying that, Bill.  I was about to cry at the thought of it.
> Rick

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