[AMRadio] RAH RAH RA1000

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 13 09:51:23 EDT 2007

The discussion about the RA100 reminds me how these
transmitters, when we are forced to dismantle them,
can live on in other small and large ways.

I clipped off and saved each and every one of the
large wire lugs on the harnesses which had been
carefully placed by some Raytheon worker on the
1946-postwar assembly line in Massachusetts.

The reason is that those lugs are thicker, the strain
crimps are stronger, and the metal seems "better" at
taking solder than any of today's versions intended
only to be crimped, not soldered.

Sure enough, when I recently landed an RCA Type 76
Console (ca. 1948) it needed a harness between the
separate power supply and the board.

Do you think I could tolerate seeing little yellow
plastic 'handles' on today's crimp lugs?  No way ! 
So, out came the Raytheon parts bin, carefully stored

There, still with the cutoff wire ends and that
strange woven-fiberglass cloth insulation, was the
handful of proper lugs I knew I wanted to use someday.

Except for you lugs reading this, I'm the only person
who ever sees them. But I know ...


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