[AMRadio] Re: [ForSale-Swap] FS: SX-115, Boatanchor Test Gear, Teletype TU’s, HP 8640B

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Mon Apr 16 16:05:19 EDT 2007

Just MY $0.002 worth, BUT Don is a top drawer "Class Act"!

I've dealt with him in some of his offers.  Precisely as described, and 
he packs EXTREMELY well!

Bob - N0DGN

Don Merz wrote:
> For Sale. All prices plus actual insured shipping
> cost. 
> Hallicrafters SX-115 receiver. Nice looking, though
> the cabinet top has some paint scuffs that my or may
> not polish off. Front panel is excellent. No visible
> modifications. Makes noise, receives signals, but I
> did not check all bands or alignment or do any
> detailed testing so it is offered here as-is. $1449
> AEA MBA-RO Morse-Baudot-ASCII reader, with original
> manual & Wall wart. This is the one that has the
> rolling LED readout like the times square news sign.
> Speed adjustable in all modes. Compact unit in
> excellent condition. $69
> IRL FSK-1000 Teletype TU s/n 79-155. Nice FSK
> demodulator, variable shift, variable tones, meters to
> show mark and space receive intensity. Excellent
> condition in every respect. With manual photocopy. $69
> Heathkit IM-21 RMS AC VTVM and DB Meter. Needs a
> slight cleaning to look very good or excellent.
> Working as designed. $29
> Simpson 467 DMM. Classic, compact indestructible
> Simpson DMM with LCD readout. Runs on a single 9V
> battery. S/n74078. 1984 vintage DMM with all the usual
> functions. Overload protection but no auto-ranging.
> With original probes and carrying case. This is the
> military version AN/PSM-45--identical to the civilian
> version except for the moulded plastic case it comes
> in with a military tag on it. With manual photocopy.
> $40
> Millen Grid Dip Oscillator s/n A293. Workbench grid
> dipper with 7 plug in coils. Covers 1.7 300mc using 7
> Standard coils. But this one also has the 47604 LF
> coil (300 600kc) & the metal coil rack. Very good or
> excellent cosmetic and working condition. With manual
> photocopy. $99
> Jones Micro Match 262 power meter and SWR bridge with
> inline coupler. Early RF power meter and SWR bridge
> with inline coupler. Highly accurate. Versions were
> resold under the Collins brand name. Covers .5-225
> Mhz. Looks good. Working as designed. $29
> HP 8640B Signal Generator. HP 8640B Signal Generator.
> Modern, solid state, high-accuracy workbench signal
> generator good to 1Ghz (with doubler option which is
> installed in this one). The 8640B has become THE
> standard hobbyist signal generator much like the
> earlier HP 606A was for tube-era test gear. This unit
> looks very good or excellent and works fine except for
> FM mode which does not work. It has the original
> operating and service manuals in a hefty 3-ring
> binder. $275
> Thanks for looking.
> 73, Don merz, n3RHT

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