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> Bill Smith wrote:
> > Well stated, except for the AM window which does exist.
> No it does NOT Bill.
> > Further the ARRL has announced 3870 as the West Coast Calling Frequency.
I do notice that it
> > is hard to find on the present web site.
> >
> Would you be so kind as to present me with the URL?
> > Only one question.  You seem to be very concerned about AM operation on
> > 3970.
> There's AM Activity on 3.970?  COOL!  See?  I -said- that anywhere
> 'phone can be operated, so could AM.
> ;-)
> > Why haven't we ever heard you operate on 3870?
> >
> I'm only on 3.870, if I'm mobile, and I'm on SSB.
> I don't operate -anywhere- on 75m after I get off from my daily stint of
> 4am  at 300w (if I'm up that early) to 6am, break for an hour, and back
> on with 100w at 7am till 9am.  After that, it's time to shut it down for
> the day, because the neighbors -will- bitch.
> --
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR

There is a Military Collector's Net on 3.975, or used to be.  You might look
for it.

You don't operate AM on 3870 at all!  Then why are you complaining about AM
operation on 3870?  3780 has been the recognized AMI West Coast frequency
for many years.  There is a very active net Wednesday evenings at 8:00pm
Pacific Time.  You are free to operate SSB on that frequency, but you will
likely run into interference from any number of AM stations from the
Northwest (Idaho, Oregon, Washington) and the West (Nevada, California,
Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma) who have been operating on 3870 for years,
and will likely continue to do so.  By using a known frequency, AM operators
minimize interference to other operators.

I don't know what kind of arrogance it takes to attempt to move in and take
over a frequency the way one or two stations with 5-calls have attempted on
3870, but it has been tried by them in the past on other frequencies, even
SSB net frequencies.  There is little point in further discussing the issue,
but if you were the gentlemen you suggest others emulate, you would heed
your own words and find another spot outside the window.

73 de Bill, ab6mt
hbco2 at sbcglobal.net

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