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Wed Apr 18 18:47:44 EDT 2007

Bill Smith wrote:
> There is a Military Collector's Net on 3.975, or used to be.  You might look
> for it.
> You don't operate AM on 3870 at all!  Then why are you complaining about AM
> operation on 3870? 

You misunderstand, Bill.  I'm -not- complaining about AM operation on 
3.870.  I'm complaining about the lack of -manners- from what are 
supposed to be Gentleman on BOTH sides of this issue.

Let me again, attempt to make my operating preference clear to you..

When I'm home, I operate nothing -but- AM, on a home-brewed, push-pull 
250TH rig, link coupled, modulated by a pair of 250TH's, driven by a 
Viking II, and I receive on an RCA AR-88 (thanks, to WD5JKO).  I -only- 
operate SSB when mobile, and only then when there's no AM activity 
around.  Before I switched vehicles (and rigs, and antennas) I -was- 
running a rice-box Kenwood TS-450 at around 4w into a 2-transistor 
solid-state, broad-band, no-tune amplifier for around 75w of carrier, 
into a highly efficient bug-catcher antenna, that received great reports 
(right, Don/KYV?) from points all over the North American Continent.  I 
worked Don on 75m AM phone, in what people now call 'the ghetto' while I 
was operating mobile across Canada in June of 2004.

These days, much to my lament, I'm on an Alinco DX-70 (that needs work), 
the same amp, and a set of Ham Sticks.  Trust me, there's -no- 
comparison between the ham sticks and the Bug Catcher!

I think you're mistaking me as one of the SSB operators who -regularly- 
'fuel the fire' on 3.870Mc.  You, sir, are mistaken.

> 3780 has been the recognized AMI West Coast frequency for many years.  

By what governing interest?  Just because you've been on a frequency for 
'x' amount of years, does -not- give you exclusive rights to that 
frequency, and that frequency alone.  If you want to pursue that line of 
reasoning, then I would say you're no different the group of 4-land 
SSB'ers that operate on 3.878 who also absolutely refuse to move.

So the ARRL has updated their page.  But, what they're saying is

AM activity can be found on the following frequencies.

/All Frequencies in MHz/

160 Meters:


1.885, 1.900, 1.945, 1.985

75 Meters:


3.825, 3.870 (West Coast), 3.880, 3.885

40 Meters:


7.290, 7.295

20 Meters:



17 Meters:



15 Meters:


21.285, 21.425

10 Meters:



6 Meters:


50.4 (generally), 50.250 Northern CO

2 Meters:


144.4 (Northwest)
144.425 (Massachusetts)
144.28 (NYC-Long Island)
144.45 (California)

it's -not- saying that this is -only- where AM can be found.

> I don't know what kind of arrogance it takes to attempt to move in and take
> over a frequency the way one or two stations with 5-calls have attempted on
> 3870,

Your generalization of '5-calls' is no better than degrading and 
demeaning an entire race of people, simply because one, or maybe a pair, 
broke into your house and stole something. 

Because two 5-land stations cause you grief, does that give you the 
right to declare -all- 5-land operators as the enemy of 3.870 on the 
West Coast?

>  but it has been tried by them in the past on other frequencies, even
> SSB net frequencies.  There is little point in further discussing the issue,
> but if you were the gentlemen you suggest others emulate, you would heed
> your own words and find another spot outside the window.

You do understand that I am -not- one of the SSB operators that cause 
gried on 3.870 from the Ark/La/Tex area, do you not?

I sense you're trying to pick a fight with me as if I was one of the 
people perpetuating this 'fued' when, in fact, I'm -not- involved at all.

MY suggestion was to utilize the xtal socket /VFO on the rig, move to 
3.875, 3.865, or even 3.655Mc, for that matter, IF the frequency is in 
use when you get there.  IF not, then crank up wherever it's clear. 

What -should- happen is that the knuckle draggers hear that the 
frequency is in use, and move somewhere else.  They don't, of course, 
and that brings us to our dilemma.  But to sit there and say that "them 
damn 5-land operators are at it again" lumps -every- 5-land operator 
together in one broad swipe of your brush, and there happens to be a 
great number of those that are outstanding AM operators.  W5AMI is but 
one of them.

Barking at me about the war on 3.870 is barking up the wrong tree.  I'm 
on the side of what's supposed to be 'gentlemanly' about operating.   No 
one 'owns' the frequency.
If it's busy when you get there, go somewhere else.  And that applies to 
-any- ham, anywhere.  Even K1MAN.

Ham Radio has been around for 100 years, now.  Is this -really- the 
legacy that Marconi, Maxim and Morse intended to leave behind?

73 = Best Regards,
-Geoff/W5OMR (/m5 New Orleans, LA)

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