[AMRadio] FS: Astron, Icom, National SW-3, IF Cans

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 18 22:30:11 EDT 2007

For Sale. All prices plus shipping.

Astron 20M (metered) 13.8VDC 20A regulated power
supply. Perfect for your 2 meter all-mode or Icom 706,
etc. Has some paint scrapes here and there but still
looks pretty good. Working perfectly. Very lightly
used. I think I have the schematic for this that I can
include. $89

Icom IC-2100 2M FM transceiver. This is Icom’s
entry-level 2 meter rig. This one has hardly been
used--I don’t think it has 4 hours of use on it. It
comes with everything that Icom shipped it with
including the original box--check that--it’s missing
one of the bracket screws. A bit dusty but looks
excellent. Never been mobile. $95

National SW 3 1933 Vintage regen receiver. This is all
original and in nice-looking condition in every
respect. It comes with the 5880 AB doghouse power
supply and 4 sets of coils, as follows: 
#61A: 20 Meters bandspread, #13A: 40 Meters
bandspread, #64A: 80 Meters bandspread and a pair of
general coverage coils for 115-200 meters. The tube
lineup is 57, 58 and 80. I’ve got a bunch of
documentation for this radio including the Bill Orr
article from CQ and several other OTB and etc.
articles, a copy of the Universal SW 3 manual, coil
data, James Fred info and an original copy of “Peak
Efficiency Design On The Short Waves” by James Millen,
published by national in 1939. Untested recently but
this radio was working well at one time and probably
still is. $535

Collection of NOS IF transformers for radio repair,
new and used. This is an accumulation that probably
still pretty useful for radio repair work. The
collection includes:
6 Pairs of Workman 455kc Ifs, top tuning, 4 lugs, in
original packaging.
1 pair Raypar 262.5kc Ifs, top tuning, 5 lugs, in
original packaging.
1 pair used 265kc 4-lug mounts
Meissner pair: 17-3496 4.5mc discriminator & 17-3497
4.5mc detector in original packaging
Millen pair: 64161 1600kc interstage IF & 65163 1600kc
Raypar: 10.7mc kit with 2 10.7mc Ifs and 1
discriminator, in original packaging 
Merit pair: Both are TV-234 Quadrature coil for
Westinghouse. In original packaging.
Merit TV-147 4.5mc ratio detector, NOSB
Philmore Set: 1909P4 Midget 455kc IF Transformer, NOSB
RCA 203KL Sound Discriminator Transformer, NOSB
RCA 1202692 4.5mc Sound Interstage IF Transformer,
RCA 105795 4.5mc Sound Interstage IF Transformer, NOSB
RCA pair: 102576 RF Antenna Matching Transformer
Gramer 17-3498 10.7mc ratio detector, NOSB
Sylvania 120-0023 Sound Coil, NOSB
Miller 1468-TV 4.5mc Sound IF Ratio Detector
Zenith 95-2263 Injection Transformer
Plus 7 more coils with no boxes and inscrutable
numeric markings on them.
$44 for the lot, plus $8.60 priority flat rate box
mailing cost.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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