[AMRadio] Fw: [Boatanchors] Many B/S's for sale in Alvin, TX

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Apr 19 07:03:53 EDT 2007

This is a post on the Boatanchors group and I am forwarding 
it here because many readers on this group are near Alvin.

73  Jim

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> Hello-
>    I am helping a friend in this project.
>    Many B/A units being trailered into Alvin and will be 
> for sale at a friend of mine. Here are examples-
>        Johnson Ham AM transmitters
>        Hallicrafters Receivers SX-28 {several}, SX-99, 
> S-42, S-85 plus a number of others
>        Collins URC-32 {KWT-6} appears full, complete unit 
> in rack
>        B&W 5100
>        Henry 2KW RF decks/HV supplies 3CX3000 tube
>        GRC-129 SSB RF deck for T-368 transmitter
>        Homebrew desktop linear appears nicely made has at 
> least 2 4CX250 type tubes
>        Globe King transmitter
>        Harvey Wells Bandmaster
>        TMC MSR-4 SSB adapter for R-390 receivers
>        Many, Many RF power tubes such as 4-125's, 833, 
> 811A, 813, plus some larger commercial ones
>        Lots of equipment manuals and Ham Handbooks
>        Several large AM broadcast transmitters
>                Anyway, if anyone is interested holler and 
> arrangements can be made to look at items.
> Thanks, WA5THJ
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