[AMRadio] the post about amfone.net post last week...

ars.w5omr ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 08:17:54 EDT 2007

Gary wrote:
> Jim, you typed that to fast for my 60 year old eyes to read................
> Gary...WZ1M
>> Pete, I don't think people in the NE corridor "talk funny",
>> just sometimes too fast to understand.  People say the human
>> mind can comprehend up to 450 words per minute.  Now that I
>> have retired, I can only do about 100 and many people speak
>> about 200.
>> What a state of mind.

I've lived all of my life, hearing this phrase and for the first time (I 
think) do I get a chance to see such an opportunity to use it, in text...

"the first liar ain't got a chance"  :-)

But it's all good... Funny is good!

  I''m happy with Funny.  Beats the living hell outta what's been 
happening around here, lately!

73 = Best Regard/*S*/

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