[AMRadio] 3870/QRM

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Apr 19 10:55:54 EDT 2007

> Well guys I was going to stay out of this QSO but now I 
> need to
> reply...I have many times been on 3.870 SSB with 
> Murry...Johnny and a
> lot of the Texas SSB group when all of a sudden here comes 
> the West
> Coast Guys on AM and we had been on SSB for hours 
> before...  I blaim it
> on band conditions but then the yelling match comes from 
> all concerned.
> Me I just sign and go away...My pennies worth  Hi
> Bob W1PE

There is a very strange phenomenon called time zones.  Which 
begs the question: "When someone in the middle of the 
country knows that a particular frequency is used by a band 
of AM operators at a particular time, why can't they QSY to 
allow the West Coast bunch to operate?  They know they are 
coming"  Same for the East Coast.  Guys there usually get on 
an hour before the middle of the U.S.

It would be mighty friendly if the West Coast bunch could be 
accommodated by Murry and his band of merry men.  But then 
you say, Why can't the West Coast bunch choose another 
frequency?  For the same reason that Murry and the group 
won't, they might interfere with another group in the 
General portion, which is where most want to operate to 
maximize the number of stations that can participate.

This kind of thing leads to groups like the ones with signs 
at the Belton hamfest, 3.835 Group, 3.922 Group.  The 3.922 
group even has a flag with that frequency on it.  Kind of 
makes one believe they own that frequency and since they 
purchased a flag, they aren't gonna move even with dynamite.

What is the answer, what is the answer?


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