[AMRadio] 3870/QRM

Theo Bellamy theo.bellamy at spirittelecom.com
Thu Apr 19 11:58:51 EDT 2007

Bob Macklin wrote:
> So why aren't the SSB operators taking advantage of the new space below
> 3700?

I don't know  about the Pacific NW but there is lots of SSB activity 
below 3700 in 4 land. Several moderate sized rag chew groups as well as 
the occasional SSB CQ resulting in "traditional" chat-with-a-stranger QSOs.

For the most part it seems the SSB ops and AM ops below 3700 coexist 
peacefully. There is almost always enough space for coexistence, when 
cooler heads can prevail.

I operate below 3700 90% of the time. Not because of Extra class 
snobbishness, but because most of my radio pals are down there. When I 
get another old transmitter going I will operate AM down there as well.

73 - Theo K4MO

... who operates on any freq or mode my license permits. Haven't seen a 
license yet that said AMer or SSBer on  it ......

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